Site Leasing

We lease space on our multi-tenant towers and other structures for use by a variety of wireless service providers for the emplacement of their antennas and related equipment under long-term lease contracts.

New Build-to-Suit Tower Development

Our management team has a long, successful track record developing and operating new tower sites to expand our tower portfolio.  When we build new towers, we construct them in locations that are strategically important to our customers at locations agreed with an anchor customer. We retain ownership of the tower and the exclusive right to co-locate additional tenants on the tower.

Fiber - Dependent Assets

We deploy fiber in underserved metro areas in Indonesia.  Our current fiber deployment is focused on Central Java, East Java and eastern Indonesia.  We provide access to dark fiber to wireless customers for backhaul and other customers needing such services, as well as bandwidth.  Additionally, we link fiber to urban tower deployments and provide small cell services, DAS, IBS, and data center services.


DAS is short for Distributed Antenna Systems, which distribute radio frequency (RF) signals from a central point to antennas located throughout a facility to provide seamless wireless coverage and capacity. Used in large buildings, structures, mall-type settings and outdoor venues such as stadiums, DAS allows wireless operators to serve a large number of people in areas where their normal RF coverage would otherwise be pressured by enhancing their signals so they can provide better indoor service quality to customers.  In-Building Systems (IBS) involve wiring buildings and providing common neutral host infrastructure so that multiple wireless operators can provide strong signal strength inside buildings where they would otherwise have weak signal.


Associated with our fiber deployments, we also consider providing data center services.  In particular for services were latency and data offshoring are issues, localized data center assets can have strong appeal to customers.


In certain cases, we provide power generation and storage on-site and guarantee power availability at agreed service levels.


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