Board of Directors

Patrick Tangney

Executive Chairman & CEO

Patrick has a long history in the tower industry.  As a consultant with McKinsey & Company and attorney with Davis Pol & Wardwell, Patrick was involved in some of the earliest efforts by telecom regulators to deregulate and privatize the telecom industry, as well as early efforts by telephone companies to separate out wireless and tower assets from fixed-line operations.  He advised the Brazilian government and telecom regulatory Anatel on the privatization of Telebras, one of the largest privatization in LatAm history, advised the FCC on maximizing competition on shared network infrastructure and served at the German Ministry Of Post and Telecommunications on facilitating interconnection between the network of incumbent operator Deutsche Telekom and new entrants.   As an investment banker with Citigroup, Patrick was one of the founders and leaders of the tower practice. He advised on the sale and leaseback of TDF by France Telecom, which gave birth to the tower industry in Europe, advised American Tower on its merger with SpectraSite, still the largest completed public company tower merger completed, and advised wireless, tower and telecom infrastructure companies on more than $100 billion of financing and M&A transactions.  He went on to co-found and serve as the CFO and EVP of a NYSE Alternext-listed company with a focus on investing in and turning around TMT businesses.


Patrick is a founder of Irrawaddy Towers Asset Holding, the parent of Irrawaddy Green Towers, Myanmar’s largest tower company, where he continues to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.  He has played an integral role in founding and growing IGT from its birth with a team of less than 5 people, during which time he negotiated the initial MLA with Telenor that launched the company and brought in John Stevens as the company’s launch CEO, to its current status as the largest tower company in Myanmar with approximately 3,000 towers.  Patrick also is a founder and the Chairman of ACL ASEAN Tower Holdco, which through its operating subsidiary Golden Tower BTS Corp, owns and operates one of Vietnam’s largest independent tower networks with approximately 350 towers.

Born and raised in New York City, Patrick received his AB from Duke University, his Juris Doctor from Columbia University, and was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany.

John Stevens


John has been involved in the tower industry for more than 30 years and has been involved in building some of the most successful tower companies in the world.  


As the founding CEO of Irrawaddy Green Towers, the largest tower company in Myanmar with ~3,000 towers, John oversaw all aspects of the operation from pre-launch through launch.  Earlier in his career, John was an initial team member of SBA during the company’s initial growth from 50 towers to roughly 1,000 towers and was responsible for all aspects of operations in the Southeast US including tower build and maintenance. One of John’s tasks was to build up SBA Power Services, the power solutions offering of SBA.  SBA is now one of the largest tower companies in the world with a market cap of approximately $20 billion.


John also served as CTO/SVP of US Unwired, a Sprint PCS network affiliate, EVP with Tarpon Towers LLC, a leading tower company, and Director of Engineering & Operations with Sprint PCS.


John is the founder and CEO of Infinigy Engineering, an Inc 500 professional Engineering and Surveying Company that has active master contracts with Sprint/NEXTEL, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Clearwire, Cricket, Motorola, Black & Veatch and Bechtel.


John has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the State University of New York.

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