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Founded in 2015, the Frontier Tower Associates (“FTA”) Group invests in, builds and markets wireless communications infrastructure with a focus on strong recurring cashflows, including towers, poles, rooftops, and other structures suitable for the emplacement of wireless equipment, as well as distributed antenna systems (DAS) and fiber.  Our principal focus is Indonesia; we also have ongoing activities in a number of other territories. We specialize in building, owning and marketing towers, poles and structures suitable for use by wireless operators; building, owning and operating fiber and fiber-related tower assets such as in-building systems and distributed antenna systems; and owning and operating power generation and storage for wireless towers.  Our leadership team has founded a number of highly successful wireless tower companies in Asia and the United States and continues to focus exclusively on wireless communications infrastructure.


Our primary business focus is leasing space on multi-tenant towers to wireless operators and marketing poles and similar structures in Indonesia under long-term lease agreements, with a long-term focus on building new structures and marketing structures relevant for small cell / data coverage. The FTA Group markets a portfolio of several thousand structures of various types.  A significant portion of the portfolio supports emplacement of fiber and fiber-dependent uses. 


The FTA Group includes a number of companies in Singapore, Indonesia, the United States and other territories.

We develop telecom tower infrastructure including site leasing, new build-to-suit tower development, fiber dependent tower asset development and provide power related services


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